Do you have a residential or commercial rental property but little time to manage it? As a full service property management company, our motto is “less work, more rental income for you”.

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  • We get your property rented quickly
  • Full leasing services, including tenant screening and tenant credit checks
  • Responsible for maintenance and repairs and can deal with emergency needs
  • Eviction services
  • Professional and ethical service
  • Dedicated and Focusedon your property- homes/offices/apartments/HOA

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Words from Clients
“Lori Sulin of LMS Property Management began managing my nine properties located in Carroll County, Md from Sykesville to Taneytown, Md in 2016. She has covered these properties with professionalism at all times, being firm, understanding and responsive to both the tenant’s needs and mine. When you own rentals everything you can imagine happens… except in triplicate: tenants must be evicted with all that entails, prospective tenants must be interviewed, background checks done, court work, frequent visits to the dwelling etc. All these services she has accomplished with a calm demeanor, respect and decisiveness.
I have a team of people I go to for help with properties that need repair, maintenance and upgrade. Some of them have aged with me and are not always the kindest or easiest people to deal with. Lori has taken her time to meet with this skilled and very important group and has been working with them and getting solid reviews with them as well as myself. Thank goodness!
In conclusion anyone wishing to hand over the reins of property management to a competent person should consider Lori Sulin.” Judith Nave

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