Residential – Maryland Rental Home Property Management for Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, & Howard County

Searching for rental house management? Have a vacant house or residential property you need to rent?  LMS Property Management is a full service property management company and we will work to get your property leased including luxury estates, apartment complexes, or single family homes. Have you grown tired of managing the maintenance and tenancy side of your property?  We offer full service property maintenance and tenancy services in Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick and Howard county, MD.

LMS has systems in place for saving you time and money. We can successfully relieve you of the daily “headaches” associated with managing both the property and the tenant.

For Owners:  AT LMS we go by the motto “less work, more rental income for you”
Hire someone professional who works with renters and caring for real estate on a daily basis. Our staff of professional property managers can handle every aspect of renting out your Single Family Home, Condominium, Apartment, or Townhome.

Top Residential Services Requested for Maryland Rental and Property Management:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Finding qualified tenants quickly, tenant screening
  • Handling all issues regarding repairs 24/7
  • Quarterly inspections

Residential Property Management Services

Setting Rent- Advise on setting the right rent level to attract tenants to your property. Evaluate the market where the property is located and give you market analysis

Collecting Rent- Collect rent checks from tenants and deposit per Landlord’s instructions

Adjusting Rent- Advise Landlord if rent should be increased and send notices to Tenants

Responsible for Tenants
One of the main responsibilities is to manage tenants. We are Involved in all capacities, from finding the tenants and dealing with complaints to assisting with evictions.

Finding Tenants- responsible for marketing the property to fill vacancies. Suggest any cosmetic repairs to help obtain tenant faster and get most money.

Screening Tenants- responsible for sorting through the prospective tenant applications to find the tenant that is the best fit for your property. Screening process, including running credit checks and criminal background checks, which can decrease your chances of being accused of discrimination. Experience with finding the best tenant that will stay in property and pay rent on time

Handling Leases- responsible for preparing lease and getting all the required signatures

Handling Complaints/Emergencies- deal with maintenance requests, noise complaints and have the necessary contacts to handle emergency situations.

Handling Move Outs- when a tenant moves out, responsible for inspecting the unit, checking for damages and determining what portion of the security deposit will be returned to the tenant.

Duties After Move Out- responsible for cleaning the unit, overseeing repairs for any damages and finding a new tenant.

Dealing With Evictions- when a tenant does not pay rent or otherwise breaches the terms of a lease, help Landlord with the proper way to file and move forward with an eviction.

Responsible for Maintenance and Repairs
Responsible for the physical management of the property, including regular maintenance and emergency repairs

Maintenance- performing quarterly inspections for preventative property maintenance to keep the property functioning in top condition.

Repairs- We have a large network of reliable plumbers, electricians, carpenters and other contractors to handle any issues that arise.

Education- Teach tenants how to maintain the home, where water shut off is in case of emergency, what to report so issues don’t get worse like water leaks turning into mold problems

Maintaining Records- keep thorough records regarding the property. Including all income and expenses; list of all inspections, signed leases, maintenance requests, any complaints, records of repairs, costs of repairs, maintenance costs, record of rent collection and insurance costs

*Fees are determined on number of units managed, amount of rent and services needed.

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